The Earth Tortoise School

  A Montessori Community for Infants and Toddlers

Schedules and Tuition

The Earth Tortoise School offers several schedule options with the hopes of having the flexibility to meet the needs of the families in our community.

Schedules Available                                    Monthly Tuition

​3 days/week             8 to 12:00                           $536
​4 days/week             8 to 12:00                           $623
​5 days/week             8 to 12:00                           $705

2 days/week             8 to 4:00                             $731
3 days/week             8 to 4:00                             $887
​4 days/week             8 to 4:00                             $1033
5 days/week             8 to 4:00                             $1174

After School Care    4 to 5:00                             $12/hr
A minimum enrollment of 4 children per day is required to make After School Care available.

Drop In hours for unscheduled days are available upon request 
Drop in Rate  $12/hr

This is a community of children and families so consistency is key to everyone's success. We assume families are enrolling for a calendar year so monthly tuition is based upon an annual basis and divided into 12 equal payments. Tuition is not pro-rated for school closures, inclement weather, power outages, or child's absence.