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Health Policies and Procedures

The State of Oregon’s Office of Child Care mandates that children with:


 · a fever of 100.3 and higher, 

· vomiting, 

· diarrhea, 

· unusual yellow color of the skin or eyes, 

· severe cough, 

· skin or eye lesions that are severe, weeping, or pus-filled, 

· stiff neck and headache, 

· unexplained rash 

· difficulty breathing or abnormal wheezing, and/or 

· complaints of severe pain 


cannot be in group care. Please keep your child home if they exhibit these symptoms. If these ailments appear while the child is in school, we will inform you to pick your child up.


Children may return to school after they have been free from these symptoms without the use of medications for AT LEAST 24 hours - with the exception of vomiting and diarrhea for which we require your child to be home for AT LEAST 48 hours after the last symptom or episode.


We understand that colds will linger but if children are lethargic and having trouble participating in daily activities, we will use our best judgment to send them home as needed. You may bring medication to school to continue treatment after the illness is no longer contagious and the child does not exhibit the symptoms listed above. We cannot give medication to treat any ailments if any of the above symptoms are present and we will not administer medication to mask symptoms. If your child requires medication to feel well, they need to remain home until that medication is no longer needed. We will ask you to sign a form authorizing us to dispense medication according to the directions on the label. To stay as healthy as possible, we wash our hands regularly and sanitize the classroom throughout each day.



COVID-19 is no longer considered a public health emergency by the Center for Health and Human Services or the Oregon Health Authority.  There are no state mandated restrictions around testing, isolating, or masking beyond those of the general health policy above.


However, please be mindful that The Earth Tortoise School does serve a diverse population and sees the school as a community of children, staff, and families. We therefore encourage families to test their children for COVID-19 when symptoms are consistent with the illness and keep your child home until symptoms have completely resolved.

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